Ian Martens

Ian Martens hails from Saskatoon, Canada where he grew up playing heavy rock and blues anywhere and everywhere possible. However, one thing kept getting in the way: band memebers. "They kept moving away or going to university, so the light bulb came on: I'll go solo acoustic!" The rest is history. Since then Ian has been honing his songwriting chops and playing live as often as possible. "I started to get a feel for what people seemed to like hearing and that taught me a lot about songwriting. Then when people started applauding songs that I had written, it inspired me to write even more." The result is the full length acoustic album called "Have You Heard?" A departure from the electric rock sound of 2002's "There's A Buzz Goin' 'Round", "Have You Heard?" is more like your favourite collection of unplugged tunes from your favourite rock bands. "I always loved the acoustic songs that rock bands did, so that's what inspired me to do this project. I like the raw, honest element that comes from the acoustic format."

With a fresh approach to the world of solo acoustic music, "Have You Heard?" bridges the gap between flashy instrumental acoustic guitar and the singer-songwriter approach. Many songs deal with relationships, specifically between God and man, as heard in "Hello It's Me (All Caught Up With You)", and "I'm Everywhere". Other themes deal with life in general like the witty, metaphorical "Crash" and the politically inspired "Deliver Us From Evil", while songs like the instrumental "September" and the title track showcase Ian's guitar work.

Regardless of the genre, Ian's music is always uplifting. "Have You Heard?" shows Ian wearing his faith on his sleeve, yet the songs are never preachy. "We're all in the same boat. We'll all stand before the judgement seat one day. We all have to decide whether we'll receive the gift of Salvation on our own." Although the album has a deep spiritual undertone, it's still fun, easy-going and above all, catchy!

Ian is currently busy at home in Canada writing new songs and playing local shows.

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