Lessons: Learn how to play like the pros! Unlock the mysteries of how to turn scales into blistering solos, discover how to fit chords together, improve your skills at songwriting or learn your favourite style! All styles and all levels taught.

Teaching methods are as follows: I prefer to start beginners with a mixture of basic chord songs along with the use of a method book. Note reading, theory, and technique building exercises that include scales and arpeggios will be studied by students of all levels, as well as popular songs of all styles. Ear training and improvisation will also be covered.

29 years playing experience
27 years experience live and session musician
22 years experience private and studio instruction

Seminars and Workshops

Workshops: Learn everything from lead guitar to songwriting to making your worship band sound pro!

Seminars and workshops for groups of all sizes

Instructional materials coming soon!

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Ian Martens
Tel. 306 242-9676